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Drion Sanitary Pads

“The most fantastic product I’ve ever seen. It has done miracles to my family. I used to have my period only once a year, but now I’m having it regularly! DRION, you’re simply AMAZING!!!”
Kathy Jones – Tweed Heads

“I’ve had problems with my periods all my adult life. Now, I won’t go for a month without DRION.
No more U.T.I.! No more Dysmenorrhea! No more Itchiness and Foul Odor! Thanks to DRION! All my worries are gone!”
Maria Hoses – Spain

“I recently tried these (Drion pads), and without a doubt I experienced a reduction in pain and cramps. What a great product!” 
Lucy Edwards, Naturopath – New Zealand

“I used the Drion liners every day and the day/night pads with my periods, and every month I noticed a difference. After 4-5 months no more cramping, after 9 months no more PMS. Amazing product! 
Belinda Falconar, Acupuncturist – New Zealand

“My two teenage girls and I all use Drion pads. They are very absorbent, and have helped considerably with cramps for all of us. I would highly recommend to all women and young teenagers.” 
Komal Chiiba – New Zealand

“These are great! Super absorbent and don’t smell like other pads. I would recommend….” 
Julie Wagstaff – New Zealand

“I’m a fan of Drion’s products after the lovely Belinda at Aroha Acupuncture suggested I try their products to help reduce cramps, PMS symptoms, fertility, and avoid the risk of bacterial infection from tampon use. I didn’t think I’d go back to sanitary pads, but Drion’s products are far superior to the supermarket brand pads. After having a break from using Drion for a month or so I quickly returned to using their pads again. They have excellent absorption and are very economical (as I use less than what I would of the supermarket brands). Keep up the good work!” 
Gina Chamberlain – New Zealand

“It’s hard to remember to do something everyday to benefit your body; like drinking enough water or eating the right foods. For me I’ve got one item in my daily routine that I never forget to do – its using Drion Organic Sanitary Products. It feels weird to say that a feminine pad can make a difference in your life but I’m telling you it can. 
My amazing coworker Belinda at Aroha Acupuncture in Wellington had praised their ability in helping with pre-menstrual symptoms, cramping, and vaginal health but initially I was still skeptical. When I ran out of my normal pads from the US while living in NZ, I finally decided to give them a chance – I had also been having some issues with vaginal dryness and irritation due to long-term use of the birth control pill. To make a long story short – within 1 month of using the daily panty liner I began to notice a change in vaginal irritation/dryness and within 3 months difference was amazing. In that 3 month period it also hit me that I was not experiencing any premenstrual cramping or cramping during the first days of my period. Not only have I experienced the benefits of this product – Drion is also completely organic, does not contain any pesticides, chemicals, or dyes and being 95% biodegradable they have a better impact on the environment.” 
Elanita Korian, Acupuncturist – California USA

“I’m a Drion convert, I felt so much more confident having the high absorbency paired with the low profile – truly a fantastic product!”
Nicole Retter – New Zealand